Top 5 Network Cabinet Manufacturer and Supplier in China


Cheap rack:

We are China manufacturer and supplier of the rack.
We specialize in distributing rack servers.
Wall Mounted cabinets from 4U-27U, with various depths such as 450mm, 550mm, 600mm... 
Server rack from 18U-47U,with various depths such as: 600mm, 800, 1000mm, 1100mm ... .. 
Guaranteed high-quality export standard rack
With an international standard factory system and production line, we provide rack and network cabinets for construction units of LAN network, server rack system for data centers all over the world. quality assurance with the cheapest price in the market while still ensuring the quality and reliability of consumers.
· 19" Server Rack Cabinet
· 19" Single section wall mount rack
· 19" Double section wall mount rack
· IP55-IP65 Outdoor Cabinet
· Two poles&four poles open rack
· Cabinet accessories

Important parameters when selecting
· Rack width: usually has 2 types: 600mm or 800mm horizontal. Standard cabinets are still 19 inches, suitable for rack mounting devices.
· Rack height: Rack has many types of height from 6U (267mm), 10U (445mm), 15U (667mm), 20U (890mm), 27U (1201mm), 36U (1602mm), 42U (1869mm) to 45U ( 2002mm)
· Rack depth: Rack cabinets are often designed with a depth of 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm and 1100mm to suit different short and long devices. If the device is 800mm long, you should choose a rack of 1000mm or 1100mm depth.
· There are also rack accessories such as: Fix tray, slide tray, power source PDU, fan...

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