Laptop Charging Cabinet for School Request

Laptop Charging Cabinet Popular in School



> Total Can Charge 20 units Laptops

> with 2 Fans. 

> 1pc Keybord. 

> 2pcs Shelf (each one can put 10 units Laptops)

Details about the Cabinet


Metal thickness

0.8 to 1.5mm

Type of Metal

SPCC Cold Rolled Steel

Paint type and thickness

Thermosetting plastic powder, 0.17 to 0.3mm

Castor diameter

3 inches Castor total height 105mm, wheel diameter 105mm. Mounting holes distance: 73 * 44.5mm Material: steel and rubber The material strength of steel and rubber is 235MPa. The castor heavy duty is 600-800KG

Total dimension of the cabinet (Without castors) Total dimension of the cabinet (With castors)

700(W)X600(D)X1021(H) 700(W)X600(D)X1126(H)

Shelf dimension


5 ways PDU

1.5U 5ways South African type PDU, with 1P circuit breaker, power cord 3G1.5mm2 520mm, IEC C20 plug.(L×W×H=429.6×62×45mm)

15 ways PDU

1.5U 15ways South African type PDU, with 1P circuit breaker, power cord 3G1.5mm2 470mm, IEC C20 plug.(L×W×H=981.1×62×45mm)

External power supply

1×C20 module

Internal power supply

3×C19 module

Specification of mounting rails and vertical cable manager

NO Mounting Rails

Specification of vertical cable manager


Specification of handle lock


Specification of small round lock


Specification of side bars

Dia. 25mmMounting hole center distance 440mm 



Optional Accessory
  • Fixed/cantilever shelf, sliding shelf, for 600mm, 800mm, 900mm, 1000mm depth cabinet
  • 19'' keyboard frame (350mm, 550mm, 650mm, 730mm)
  • 1U, 2U support board
  • Vertical Cable manager
  • 19'' Power distribution unit(PDU)
  • 19'' Blanking plate 1U, 2U, 4U
  • Heavy duty castor, Heavy duty castor with braker
  • Optional lock for side panels
  • Earth kit
    And so on...

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